Lawtz Design Group is an innovative creative agency which applies its rich and diverse skillset across many different faculties of design and marketing. Providing top-quality graphic design in the form of logos, catalogues and web developments along with digital services in SEO, branding and marketing, our portfolio of skills and services can assist many new and existing businesses.

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Our branding services are extensive and comprehensive. We concentrate on all of the available metrics associated to your business’ audience and your prospective and existing customers and can optimise content to provide a visually striking, unforgettable persona to your brand. We want your brand to connect with your audience and we want you to make a lasting impression, we don’t deal with generic branding but always concentrate on forging a highly individualistic, unique persona to your brand.

Brand continuity is extremely important and we’ll ensure that your users and/or customers gain a familiarity with your company which keeps them comfortable and engaged. Our team of highly talented designers, marketers and developers will apply their trade to supply a real personality to your business design and we’ll cover every angle of branding, from content creation to USPs.

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Headed up by Simon Laughton, a graphic designer with over 15 years of experience in print and web design, Lawtz’ ability to design all materials associated to your company and its marketing campaign is assured and we’re extremely proud of the work we’ve successfully produced for our clients to date. We can strengthen existing designs and forge new ones alongside you, always working cooperatively and communicating avidly to achieve your visions.

We cover all visual aspects of design and creation ranging from brand identity and full rebranding packages to logo design, catalogue design, designing brochures, magazines and newsletters, business cards, stationery, you name it, we design it.

Great design can make the difference in a site, we always remember beautifully designed things about places we visit - a prime example is Google’s famous logo which has become etched into modern culture. Whether you want sleek, simple and contemporarily designed content or something more elaborate and arty, we can see your project through with efficiency and authority.

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We’re not just all about imaging and design, we can refine and optimise the digital aspects of your website too, from site functionality to continuity and any extra special features. We will ensure your website is designed to the top modern standard - modular, optimised, clean and perfectly functional. We want our webpages to be coherent and visually stunning, not an intricate labyrinth but a clear and consistent journey.

We’ll implement SEO and other optimisation techniques to help you convert visitors into results. Our digital marketing support is top-notch and our website content is composed to excellent standards whilst remaining fully search engine optimised.